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We provide warranty service for 12 months. And the service and maintenance plan within the warranty period is as below:
1. Free weekly inspection service within the warranty period
Minor service and maintenance each month.
Medium service and maintenance every three months.
One overhaul service and maintenance a year.
Replace the quick-wear parts and components in time.
2. Regular service and maintenance after the warranty expires, components and labor fees are charged.
Requirements for the operator and the maintainer:
① Operator:  
Well trained, can operate the equipment correctly, and can handle the equipment under various conditions.
② Maintainer:
Well tarined, understand the work principle of the parking equipment, including the main structure and functions of the equipment. Can handle and solve various kinds of equipment failure and can perform daily service and maintenance.
Regular supervision and instruction:
① Operator:  
Our service staff will provide monthly supervision and instruction for the operator.
② Maintainer: 
Our service staff will check the maintenance work of the maintainer and provide safety instructions.
Service & Maintenance Methods and Measures
1. Establish strict inspection and maintenance system
① Daily inspection and maintenance (perform by the operator)
a〕Clean the garage and make inspection, solve the equipment failure in time or report the failure to the service staff. 
b〕Fill in the Daily Inspection Form and make work shift records.
② Monthly inspection and maintenance system (perform by the maintainer)
a〕Check the Daily Inspection Form and make the inspection and maintenance work. 
b〕Check the work conditions of the safety device, make adjustments and make a record. Solve any problem in time. 
c〕Check the sizes of each parts, make related adjustments and make a record. 
d〕Check the lubrication points, add oil when necessary and make a record. 
e〕Make regular monthly maintenance on the Saturday of the third week each month.
③ Contractor inspection and maintenance system (in accordance with the service and maintenance contract): Restore the equipment into operation after thorough and all-round inspection when the parking equipment is out of service for a long time or after the earthquake or fire disaster.
2. Emergency measures:
① We will send our emerngency service staff to the site in one hour. And our on-site staff will come to the site in three minutes to make the repair.
② The emergency service staff shall solve the trouble in three minutes and restore the equipment to normal operation. If the equipment cannot be repaired in time due to severe damage, please first move the cars out of the garage safely.
③ Please follow the warranty contract when there are other issues.