Vertical Cycle Class (PCX)

Vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment refers to the vertical circulation parking equipment in which the carrier moves in a vertical plane to realize multi-storey storage of vehicles. , New independent garage and old city renovation.

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Vertical Cycle Class (PCX)




Product introduction:

Vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment refers to the vertical circulation parking equipment that the carrier moves in the vertical plane to realize the multi-storey storage of vehicles. It is generally suitable for high-rise office buildings, residences, hospitals, comprehensive commercial buildings, etc. Intensive project, new detached garage and old town renovation.

Working principle: The motor drives the transmission mechanism through the reducer. On the traction member - the chain, a car storage bracket is installed at certain distances. When the motor starts, the car storage bracket moves vertically along with the chain. To achieve the purpose of accessing the vehicle


Device Features:

1. Small footprint, two parking spaces can park 12 cars on seven floors;

2. The construction period is short;

3. Simple structure, safe and reliable operation;

4. No forced ventilation, no large area lighting, energy saving.


Basic parameters:

Device Type Parameters
KX-PCX vertical cycle parking equipment
Parking vehicles

Car Length (MM)≤5200

Car Width(MM)≤1950

Car Height(MM)≤1550/1950

Capacity (KG)≤2350

Number of vehicles
12 vehicles in a group
Pickup time
Lifting motor (power)
How to operate
Key operation
Control mode
PLC programmable controller
Exit/Inbound method
Enter the warehouse/reverse the warehouse
Three-phase five-wire AC38OV/50HZ

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