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Project Location: Tongcheng, Anhui

Type: Lifting and traversing mechanical parking equipment

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Car special lift

Car lifts are specially used to transport vehicles at different levels, especially for basements where self-propelled ramps cannot be set up.

Simple lifting class (PJS)

Simple lifting mechanical parking equipment has many advantages, such as high parking density, low noise, simple structure, easy use, fast delivery speed, standardized design, large-scale production, and fast installation speed; the parking equipment can be built on the ground or underground. The foundation pit construction greatly improves the efficiency of ground use, especially suitable for places such as idle small spaces, old residential areas, villas, etc. The simple lifting and lowering of the foundation pit can meet the greening design above the equipment.

Lifting and traversing class (2-7 floors) (PSH)

Lifting and traversing mechanical three-dimensional parking equipment is the most widely used type of parking product in the parking industry. The products can be arbitrarily combined and arranged according to different terrains and spaces. The ground can be designed with two or more layers, which has strong adaptability to the site. Floor equipment is especially suitable for basements, making full use of underground space, improving space utilization, and maximizing the number of parking spaces. The operation is stable and reliable, and there is no noise pollution. This kind of products produced by our company adopts humanized design and always maintains the leading level in the industry.

Roadway stacking class (PXD)

Roadway stacking parking equipment is a parking device that uses roadway stackers or bridge cranes to move vehicles entering the carrier horizontally and vertically to the parking space, and uses access mechanisms to access vehicles. It is mainly composed of import and export equipment, warehouse handling equipment, vehicle storage facilities, electronic control systems, safety testing devices, etc.

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