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Corporate Concept

I. Corporate Concept
Our Mission (Operational Tenet):  
Make first-class products, solve parking difficulties; enhance humanistic management and share the beautiful life.
Our Concept (Operational Concept):
Integrity, efficiency, practicality, and win-win
Our Code of Conduct: 
Teamwork, absolutely compliance, target centered, overall every control and clear.

II. Talent Concept
A. The definition of talent
1. Attitude+ skills = talents
According to this equation, we can divide "talent"  into the following four categories:
Good attitude + high capability = high quality talents (put in important position)
Good attitude + poor capability= common talents (provide practice and training opportunities to grow as high quality talens)
Poor attitude + poor capability= waste (never get the chance)
Poor attitude + high capability = drug (Never get the chance except in urgent need)
2. New recruits ≠talents, talents ≠ skilled talents
Your academic qualifications, ability, experience and knowledge only indicates that you can be recruited by and enterprise. Only those who are capable and can create value for the enterprise are talents.
B. Talents concept
1.Use talents according to their capabilities and arrange them for the right position.
2.Promote the talented and capable ones and demote the incapable ones.
3.People-oriented and give full scope to the talents.
4.Do not suspect the employee 
5.Rather use the common talents than the talented ones with poor attitude.
C. Talents Strategy
Bring in talents, provide outbound training opportunities, emphasize on training and keep the talented and capable ones.
III. Management Concept
1.Management concept
Backbone staff take the lead, all staff participation, advocate wolf characteristics, and cultivate the staff with rules and regulations.
2.Management mode
Trinity of forces, schools and families, emphasizing in implementation, learning and care.
3.Management objectives
High quality, high efficiency, high capability, and high return
Low cost, low risk, low complaints, and low failures
4.Standards for cadres 
Loyalty, modesty, intelligence, capability, charm, activeness, practicality and courage.
IV. Strategy Concept
1. Enterprise development strategy
Step 1: start up the business through hard work.
Step 2: take the opportunities and get rapid development.
Step 3: Get listed in the stock market and make leap development.
2. Enterprise operational strategy
People-oriented, win by quality, steady development, and sustainable profitability
3. Brand strategy
Establish a famous brand step by step.
4. Employee benefits 
Every one works hard for the company so that the company can provide a good return for everyone. 

V. Value Concept
1.Do the best under the existing conditions.
2.Build a heroic team. No individual heroes.
3.Product quality indicates moral quality.
4.You will get rewarded in direct proportion to what you have worked.
5.The victor becomes a king.
6.Hard working ≠ work completed ≠ results
7.Profits = income - cost
VI. Learning Concept
1.The meaning of learning
Learning is very important. All the staff, including the general manager and common staff, must keep learning. Friday afternoon is our learning and training time. We will conduct various knowledge or skill training for the staff.
2.Everyone is the teacher
Besides the trainer, teacher and the senior management, everyone can become a teacher and share their expertise or skills to their colleagues.
3.There is always a teacher at your side
Everyone at our side can become our teachers, even if he/she is only a common staff or a freshman just graduated from college. We must learn the merits from others modestly and overcome the shortcomings.

VII. Life
1.Let's build a beautiful environment together.
2. Let's get along harmoniously as a family.
3. Actively participate in various recreational activities.