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Triumphant return to the "stage" of success

        Talent is the capital and wealth of triumph. We respect and value talent, provide space and opportunities for sustainable development, encourage employees and the company to grow together, and strive to create a working atmosphere that can give full play to employees' talents. Let those who want to do things have an opportunity, those who can do things have a stage, and those who can do things have a position. It is necessary to use real talents.


Cheer for my dream!

Triumph has always attached importance to talent training, especially from fresh graduates. Every year, it recruits fresh graduates from famous domestic universities on a large scale. They will become an important part of triumph's talents.

As an enterprise full of enterprising and pioneering spirit, triumph highly recognizes the characteristics of young people, such as daring to think and act, youthful and lively, and innovative thinking. These so-called "ideals" are the indispensable driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises. They believe that they can break new ground through their own efforts, and they firmly believe that a job should be respected as a career in life.